Want to get the people stuff right? Let’s go.

Get going ASAP with my leadership toolkit: $500

I keep the very best tools for leading, hiring and managing people — including links to the research they’re based on — in a compact toolkit that’s easy to use and navigate. The PDF comes with 2 weeks of text and voice message coaching on anything in the toolkit.

Lead with succession in mind.

  • 1 starting point - succession
  • 2 types of informal power
  • 3 duties of a board
  • 4 duties of a CEO
  • 5 types of decisions
  • 6 leadership styles

Experiment. Together.

  • Pretotyping
  • Lean Startup
  • Conflict resolution
  • Design Thinking
  • Exponential thinking
  • Integrative negotiations

Be human.

  • Invest in 20-yr version of people
  • Practice Self-compassion
  • Diverse teams do better
  • Be aware of cognitive bias
  • Read and Build a Second Brain
  • Electrify your personal stuff

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Sign up for my 2-hour people skills crash course: $1,000

In two live one-hour sessions, I’ll explain how to use 6 of the best tools for leading and communicating with all of your constituents - from advisors and board members, to staff and customers. We’ll workshop a real-life scenario from someone in our small group of no more than 8.

Before: Complete leadership toolkit; fill out 5-min survey to facilitate scheduling and prep

During: How to use these 6 tools + applying them to one real challenge in the group

  • Succession planning
  • 2 types of informal power
  • 3 duties of a board
  • 4 duties of a CEO
  • 5 types of decisions
  • 6 leadership styles

After: 3 weeks of discord+voice-message support.

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Keep training with 8 weeks of 1-on-1: $9,000

If you like the two-hour sessions and want to keep going with weekly coaching, we’ll set up a custom sequence based on what you need, and where you’re headed.

  • Hourly LIVE coaching sessions that fit your schedule
  • One hour of homework in between sessions - using proven frameworks
  • A customized version of my leadership toolkit you can take with you
  • 8 more weeks of follow-up support via discord and text/voice-message

We’ll work through my entire 18-tool collection to equip you with what you need to solve most of the people challenges - from hiring, to team culture, to promotion, and even your own succession planning.

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A testimonial & my 100% money-back guarantee.

Here’s what Jon said about my coaching:

"I came to Matt knowing I needed a professional change but didn't have much of a plan. I was terrified to take the leap. With his curated collection of leadership resources and best practices alongside his thoughtful, individualized coaching, I was able to build my confidence as a leader and learn how to successfully manage a big organizational change. Matt has seen it all as a leader and it was invaluable to discuss different outcomes and test several scenarios. By the end of my time with Matt, I was able to craft a solid proposal that allowed me to confidently move on to the next chapter while setting up my organization to effectively transition to a new leader.” - Jon Skvarka, Executive Director, Silver Cliff Ranch

I can’t know all the things you’re struggling with, and I may not be a good fit for you and what you need. But I’m so sure of what’s in here and what other people have done with this training, that I’ll give you 100% of your money back if you’re not completely fired up with what you get out of this. Just ask. Thanks for taking the time to consider this. And for doing hard things.

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I’m Matt.


I’ve been scaling companies and coaching people who do the same for 25 years.

  • 1996 Atlanta Olympics - I was one of the first ten people on staff at the largest peace-time event in world history.
  • KIPP Foundation - I led the fastest wave of expansion at the largest charter school network in the US. My team was 37 for 38, launching schools on-time in 20 states in 3 years.
  • NYC Charter Schools - I helped build the first city-wide charter school incubator in the US; 19% of kids in NYC now attend one of 275 charter schools.
  • In 2006, I moved to New Orleans to serve as CEO at New Schools for New Orleans, now home to the nation’s most innovative, and far from perfect, system of schools.
  • That year I started building electric motorcycles as a scheme to justify buying cool tools.
  • In 2010, I launched an organization called 4.0 to help entrepreneurs explore new ways to help people learn.
    • It's still going strong with more than 1,500 diverse alumni serving more than 9 million learners across the US.
    • Handing off leadership to my successor took four years and taught me tons about power, identity and leadership. It heavily informs how I think about coaching founders today.
  • In 2019, I started investing in the electrification of vehicles, buildings and the grid, including B2U Storage Solutions, now operator of the largest second-life electric car battery power plant in the USA.
  • Last year, I helped start one of the largest micro-grid projects in the US, Together New Orleans’ Community Lighthouse, which brings solar and storage to 85 houses of faith and non-profits across the Parish. I also started coaching Techstars EnergyTech founders.

I’ve studied in some great communities, too.

  • MBA, Northwestern University/Kellogg: Decision Sciences, Education Mgmt
  • BA, Duke University: math, Spanish Language
  • TBD: Residential Electrician Certificate, Delgado Community College
  • Racial Equity Institute, Rocky Mountain School of Photography, Fuller Moto Welding Essentials, Center for Restorative Approaches, On Deck Climate Tech Fellowship

But I don’t know it all. If you’ve got any questions, please reach out.